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Durham Tees Valley Airport has introducted a Passenger Facility Fee (PFF) for all departing passengers, effective from Monday 15th November 2010.

The fee of £6 for adults and £2 for children aged between 3 and 15 is part of the overall strategy to secure the Airport's future and stabilise its financial situation. It follows the introduction of similar schemes at a number of regional airports in the UK, including Blackpool, Norwich and Newquay, together with Knock and Galway in Ireland.

Durham Tees Valley Airport Director, Mike Morton, says that customer service staff are on hand to guide passengers through the process of obtaining their Passenger Facility Fee ticket which will be needed to gain entrance to the Airport departure lounge.

He explains "Since the announcement of the fee in October 2010, we have had a lot of people accessing the information on our dedicated website. I would urge passengers to check www.dtvapff.co.uk where they will find further information about the PFF, including answers to frequently asked questions."

"We are aware that there will be cases where people will have booked their flight or holiday package prior to the announcement of the PFF. Any passenger who made a booking prior to 1st November 2010 should bring along proof of the booking date and they will be able to enter the departure lounge without paying the fee."

"If a passenger who has made a booking prior to 1st November 2010 arrives without proof of the booking date, we will be asking them to pay the fee, but they will be able to reclaim the cost if they provide proof at a later date." PFF reclaim forms are available at the airport, or can be downloaded online.

Pay Stations for the fee are installed in the Airport terminal, together with a change facility. Durham Tees Valley Airport hopes to introduce pre-purchase facility online soon.

Craig Richmond, Chief Executive of Peel Airports says he hopes that passengers will recognise that the introduction of the fee is needed to ensure that the airport is able to move forward.

He explains "When Vancouver Airport Services took the decision to invest in Peel Airports, I made it clear that putting Durham Tees Valley on a firm financial footing and making every effort to increase services would be a top priority."

"I remain optimistic that the airport has a bright long-term future, provided we can meet the current challenges and I have been pleased that key partners, for instance the local authorities and business organisations, recognise our commitment and understand the reasons for the actions we are having to take."

"We are working hard to develop new opportunities and attract new services, despite conditions in the aviation industry remaining very tough. At the same time we have already made very substantial savings in our operating costs and that drive for improvements in efficiency will need to continue."

"Of course, no-one likes being asked to pay money, but I hope that customers - and indeed the whole local community - will recognise that it is something we have to do. I have been greatly impressed by the sense of support and pride which local people feel in Durham Tees Valley - not least our local authority shareholders. Now, more than ever, is the time for people to maintain that support and share our faith that this is an airport which can have an exciting future."

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